• A play by Laura Sicignano
  • Translation by Maggie Rose
  • Thanks to Anna Jardine
  • Historical documentation by Silvia Suriano
  • Scenography by Laura Benzi
  • Costumes by Maria Grazia Bisio
  • Original music by Edmondo Romano
  • Production Teatro Cargo

    The play has been chosen in the "Face à face" project and has been shown broadly on a national level and it has been in a New York reading at the Italian Institute of Culture.
    The show can be performed in Italian with subtitles.

  • Sparks

    New York, 25 March 1911, 4.40 pm: in fifteen minutes workers at the T.W.C. (Triangle Waistshirt Company) , a blouse factory, will be finishing their shift. There are almost six hundred people, mostly young women immigrants from Italy and Eastern Europe, many Jewish girls, all exploited and underpaid. A spark, just one spark and suddenly the factory skyscraper is up in flames. In the building there is no fire alarm. Since all doors are locked and the goods lift has broken down due to overweight, there is little chance of escape. In 18 minutes 146 people died, mostly young women. The T.W.C. owners were let off, even if they had failed to respect basic security measures. The episode became one of the historical events related to International Women's Day. Many other stories are connected with the 8th March celebrations, but there is no other event in women's history that so significantly underlines this turning point. At the same time the story is hardly remembered.

    SCINTILLE \SPARKS is about current, important issues: health and safety measures at work, discrimination of migrants in the USA, the first examples of Trade Union Organizations, the memory of women who made History , the hopes of migrants from every age and from all over the world, women's liberation.

    "At last, a true taste of Political Theatre! … the audience is held breathless by this burning spark of truth … like a movie unfolding in your mind as you're carried away by a compelling, intense voice"
    Il Giornale - Francesca Camponero

    "… in the end our last symbol of the dignity and pain that occurred in that waterfall of sparks are just two white shirts, hanging ona stage representing the lives in that factory. Powerfully intense"
    La Repubblica - Donatella Alfonso

    Festival de Borgio Verezzi, 2012

    Italian tour 2012/2014
    Face á Face, France 2013
    New York, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, september 2013


    Fondazione Edoardo Garrone

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